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The Dental Business School

Here are some comments from our most recent Dental Business School course presentations of Intro to the Business of Dentistry:

“Very Interesting and Powerful Information for a Dentist.”

“Great Business Knowledge.”

“Overall Presentation was Excellent!”

“I enjoyed the statistical discussions, Good Job!”

“Since I am fairly new to the business, it was very helpful.”

“The Dental Business School is a tool to plan ahead and gain awareness to improve my practice.”

If you are in Arizona, sign up today for future courses by clicking on the calendar or on the upcoming courses to the right.

If you are not in Arizona, be sure to sign up on the email list.  You will receive a link to the first course Intro to the Business of Dentistry absolutely free!

We are also working to make the other courses available online, beginning with this month’s course Internal Marketing & Patient Referrals.

We will notify the email list when new course material is available.

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PostHeaderIcon What part of running a dental business would you most like to learn about?

What part of the dental business would you like to learn about?  Feel free to post even if you are a first time visitor and even if you don't own a Dental Business yet.

You can look at the course content page at tell us which areas are most pressing for you.

Are you currently trying to renew a lease?  Do you have a specific staff issue?  Are you trying to set up the most effective bonus system?

Let us know.  We will respond here, and also may turn your request into the next online lesson!

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PostHeaderIcon You learn Clinical skills, but what about the Busnical skills?

Yes, we know, Busnical is not a word!

Clinical skills are extremely important, but they are only a fraction of the skills needed to run a successful Dental Business. Notice I didn’t say Dental Practice. A Dental Practice could run at a loss and still be considered successful.  If it is just solid Dentistry you seek to provide, “Busnical” skills wouldn’t be needed.

Let me explain:

There are community health practices, military practices, not-for-profit and temporary practices which are successful but operate at a loss. They are successful practices because they provide needed dental services to their patrons. They don’t need to be successful businesses because they are parts of larger institutions which allow them to continue to provide clinical services regardless of profitability.

To be a successful business, a practice does need to provide quality dental services to its clientele.  But it needs more than this.  I spoke to a dentist today whose business is on the verge of being closed down by the bank because it is 6 months behind on its loan payments. This particular practice did multiple crown preps and placements today as well as various other procedures, exams and cleanings.  Clinically the practice is successful as it is providing quality dental services to its patients.  As a Dental Business, it is only a matter of time before it fails.  I  make this distinction because there is a perception that great clinical skills and knowledge will translate into business success. This perception is the culprit behind many failed Dental Businesses.

Dental Business School exists to teach Dentists and Dental Business owners the Business skills necessary to be successful in the Business of Dentistry.

Sign up for the free lesson and learn the Basics of a Dental Business. The lesson includes some basic concepts about running a Dental Business, and some more advanced concepts that will help you to start to think like a Business Person. It also includes some sample career paths- the pitfalls that can lead to you being a slave to the practice for decades, or the planing and choices that will give you the financial and time freedoms that may have partially drawn you to dentistry initially.

After watching the first lesson, Take a look at the course content page and let us know which areas you are most anxious to learn about. We have been teaching the content listed on the Course Content page for years through coaching meetings, classroom presentations, seminars and phone calls. In fact we just got done teaching a classroom course to a room of eight people;  five Dentists who are  business owners, one spouse of a dentist who helps run the business and two first year dental students.

It does take some effort to provide that content in digital form.  Eventually we will have all the course content here. But you do control what is available first, because initially we will provide content based on what is requested. Let us know!

We have started this resource as a way to help current and future Dental Business owners attain the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in a Dental Business. We would like this to be an open and interactive community. Please feel free to post, comment and interact here. Tell us what you would like to see.  Tell us what you agree with and what you don’t agree with.

One thing you will notice is that there is no “About Us” page.  We haven’t listed pages of credentials or promises of exponential growth.  We haven’t asked you to prepay a year of consulting or to buy our books/kits/cds or tickets to our life changing seminar.  If you would like those things there are plenty of places to find them.  Our goal is that the content we provided will speak for itself.

We won’t sell you a dream, we don’t believe in silver bullets, and we don’t have ultimate secrets to reveal.  What we do have is the desire to see Dental Businesses succeed because the Dentists that own them focus on BOTH Clinical and “Busnical” skills.

Please tell us what you think by commenting below!

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PostHeaderIcon Dental Business CE Courses Being updated

Look at the sidebar or go to the Calendar Page to find out about upcoming Dental Business Continuing Education Courses.

We are also working to deliver Online Dental Business Courses, so stay tuned!

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